Assembly Tea - Taiwan, Shan Cha

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This is an exciting, oxidised amber tea. Shan Cha, meaning ‘mountain tea’, is a Taiwanese indigenous wild tea varietal that dates back to the 17th Century. Revered as the mother plant to some of the most unique tea hybrids. Shan Cha grows wild and isn’t cultivated like most other teas. Tea masters and pickers wake early during picking season to forage the mountainous areas in order to find this elusive leaf.

Shan Cha is an incredible tea to wow and surprise black tea drinkers.

Available in 60 gram canisters.

For best results, brew at 95 degrees for 4 minutes. Use a dose of 1.7 grams for 100 ml of water. The leaves can be infused three times. This tea is best drunk black.

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